ONLY 3cm of fine, wet snow fell so with temperatures hovering around 0 °C, the snowpack we need to reset all tracks didn’t materialize as hoped.  That said, drifting occurred along the AIR RANCH loop and a modified trail was re-set  so that loop is ready to ski.  

CRYSTALRIDGE loop is also OPEN with “dust on crust” but definitely skiable in a defined old track -just be aware of unpredictable icy/thin hazards.
Grooming only occurred on CrystalGreen so NO TRACK exists & with such severe melting that loop remains CLOSED.  Please observe posted notices and ski only on designated OPEN trails. THANKS!



Conditions are very icy this morning with significant melt & track deterioration occurring during yesterday’s Chinook.  The track may softening up mid day with slush and bare patches (grass/dirt exposed) and recreational skiing is NOT advised.


AIR  RANCH OPEN but very icy and fast -expert skiers on waxless/skin skis only.

*Open house Sunday Jan 23rd is CANCELLED.  Lets hope for at least 6″ of snow asap and we can be back to enjoy a winter wonderland!

Chinook Conditions; new grooming.

The latest chinook this week has the snowpack thinning in areas.  Air Ranch & Crystal Green loops are fairing very well with the last powder left in place to insulate the base; the more challenging Crystal Ridge Loop was re groomed & trackset on Thursday.

Hopefully we don’t get too much more heat to melt through the base. Ski early/late in day to avoid slushing up track and PLEASE, remember to stay on designated trails.


Come one, come ALL!

What:  Ski Meet & Greet  

Where: Orville’s Place (Lower Level) Clubhouse

When: 12-4pm Sat Jan 16 &   Sun Jan 24

Who: Ski Club Members & Guests

We may know each other by first name or merely recognize one another by a passing nod exchanged on the trail but we share a fondness of skiing and together, enjoy pleasant winter days outdoors on the beautiful Crystalridge Golf course.

So, come down for a ski and fellowship with other cross-country ski club members, enthusiasts and the curious alike.  We have nearly 10km of classic trails in good condition and welcome all to enjoy this afternoon skiing, sharing a hot beverage or warming the toes by the fire …

Grooming Update

Aimagelmost 10cm of dry powder has fallen on the course and the grooming team spent the day rolling/packing in preparation for tomorrow’s task of grooming & track-setting.

Forecast calls for colder temperatures overnight followed by a warming trend which will sinter or consolidate the snow and firm up the track into the weekend when the trail network will be skiable.

One last note: PLEASE remember that skiing is ONLY allowed on machine set track per golf course management; your cooperation in not veering off track to set your own skier trails is appreciated.   HAPPY SKIING!

Packed & Rolled

Trail Conditions:  Jim reports that though we did receive our first blustery winter storm, early conditions prevail on all loops with most of the few cm’s of snow drifting about and leaving significant bare spots throughout course.  Much of Air Ranch and Crystal Green loops were machine packed and rolled in preparation of the start of this season’s base but Okotoks will require a few more cm of snow before the track is set and ski season at Crystal Ridge commences.

Open for Skiing!

The snow has arrived and the track has been groomed! The course is open so please sign in at the kiosk and pay the drop in fee. As a reminder please stay in the track and do not break new trails. As always watch for thin spots and hazards. Happy Skiing 🙂

Ski Trails Open Nov 30

The Trail crew has been working hard the last couple of days and through the blizzard to pack and prep the trails for track-setting this [Saturday] afternoon. Notice NEW SIGNAGE, MAPS and markers directing parking, registration and trails. AIR RANCH & CRYSTAL GREEN LOOPS OPEN SUNDAY. Dress warm and don’t forget the sunglasses!

Pic 1 Nov 29, 14 Pic 2 Nov 29, 14 Pic 3 Nov 29, 14