Open for Skiing!

The snow has arrived and the track has been groomed! The course is open so please sign in at the kiosk and pay the drop in fee. As a reminder please stay in the track and do not break new trails. As always watch for thin spots and hazards. Happy Skiing :)

Ski Trails Open Nov 30

The Trail crew has been working hard the last couple of days and through the blizzard to pack and prep the trails for track-setting this [Saturday] afternoon. Notice NEW SIGNAGE, MAPS and markers directing parking, registration and trails. AIR RANCH & CRYSTAL GREEN LOOPS OPEN SUNDAY. Dress warm and don’t forget the sunglasses!

Pic 1 Nov 29, 14 Pic 2 Nov 29, 14 Pic 3 Nov 29, 14



Closed for the Season

It’s been a great season and now it’s time to shut down for the Summer ahead. Club Membership hit an all time high with 154 registered members. We were just short of 4 months of skiable snow, which is quite amazing if you think about it. Here are the first tracks put down Nov 17, 2013:

CR Nov 17 012

And here is the melting course today:CR Mar 18, 2014 001

CR Mar 18, 2014 003

In the coming weeks we’ll take down the tent and put everything into storage for the summer. In September we’ll start to become active again and we welcome the skiing community to join us again at that time as we prepare for the 2014-15 Ski Season.

Happy Trails!


Pizza Wrap Up

JR Mar 08, 2014 003The JackRabbit season drew to a close today with a group ski and pizza party. It was really a pleasant afternoon as we sat on the patio, ate pizza, drank hot chocolate, munched on cookies, and chatted about the ups and downs of the ski season. We all agreed how much we enjoy getting out with the kids and skiing the winter away. Very soon it will be time to put the skis away and pull out the Mountain Bikes (I can hardly wait!).

JR Mar 08, 2014 019 JR Mar 08, 2014 015 JR Mar 08, 2014 010

JR Mar 08, 2014 008

A special Thanks to all the parents and Rabbits! We hope to see you again next year :)

JR Fun

JR Feb 22, 2014 006With the Cookie Race going on in Kananaskis we didn’t have a formal session today. Instead we just played a couple of games and skied around. Check out the pictures of the Team Downhill.

The new dusting of snow filled the tracks nicely and conditions were good. Watch the ice in the parking lot, it is very slippery.

JR Feb 22, 2014 007JR Feb 22, 2014 003JR Feb 22, 2014 009  

Wind Sift

CR Feb 17, 2014 003Just came back from a sunset ski and it was great. After the big winds sifted in the tracks the groomers pulled around the track setter making for some great skiing. The tracks are fast and there are a couple of icy spots, but all in all things are very good. There was still enough light at 6:30pm for skiing.

CR Feb 17, 2014 004