Youth Lessons


We are family oriented recreational cross country ski club with the mission to promote the appreciation of cross country skiing as a healthy and fun way to realize the benefits of outdoor recreation in Okotoks.

Engaging our youth in Jackrabbit or school based programming has the following objectives:

  • To encourage FUN and participation, Develop ABC’s:  Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed!
  • To utilize games and a when possible a ski playground space to develop technique, skills and fitness.
  • To develop linear, lateral and multi directional speed.  Develop a team/social atmosphere.
  • To introduce competition in a team environment whenever possible.  Encourage inter-club social, skill and fitness orientated ski activities

From year to year our programming changes, but typically,  it runs Saturdays mid-day starting in January as long as local snow conditions permit.  Cancellations occur if air temperature is below -15 deg C (windchill below -20) or their are issues with volunteer involvement, coaching and/or program coordination.

A family membership is required to participate in the program as at least one parent per family is required to ski with in the group.  *SORRY, NO FORMAL YOUTH PROGRAM IS OFFERED FOR THE 2015-16 SEASON DUE TO LACK OF COORDINATOR & COACHES.*